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Registration Fees

Before a member’s registration with the Club is effective, all fees must be paid in full.  The Club may consider a payment plan arrangement with a member in exceptional hardship circumstances.  Payment plans must be agreed in writing with the Club’s Committee before the time registration is due.

If after a registration payment deadline has passed, whether for payment in full or for part payment under a payment plan arrangement, the required payment is not made, the Club’s Committee may suspend a member from playing with the Club until such time as any outstanding fees are paid.  Suspension is considered a last resort and would only apply if previous Club communications with the member have been ignored.


Except in exceptional circumstances, the Club will not refund a member’s registration fees once the member has participated in an official Club training session or represented the Club in a friendly or competitive match.  At the discretion of the Club’s Committee, a partial refund of registration fees can be given to a player in exceptional circumstances, such as the player suffering a serious injury.  Any refund paid will not include unrecoverable costs paid by the Club on behalf of the member, such as for clothing or the components of registration fees paid to bodies such as the FFA or Football West.

Revoked membership

If a member’s membership is revoked because of a breach of any of the Club’s conduct standards, the former member is not entitled to any refund of registration fees.

Football West Fines

Football West normally only issues monetary fines for serious offences.  In all cases, the team or individual player or players named by Football West as being involved in the offence are liable to pay fines issued by Football West or by any other relevant body.


Any personal information collected by the Club is primarily for the purposes of membership requirements and members’ participation in football competitions.

The Club’s Committee reserves the right to use its discretion in the application of any of these Club policies.

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